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Data Cleanup/Repair

Accounting Software (like QuickBooks®, Xero®, Freshbooks®, etc.) can be incredibly powerful bookkeeping tools or a complete nightmare for some. While we have our own love/hate relationship with all the various software on the market - and are considered experts in a few -  we understand that there are those who wish it had never been invented. 

We offer hope to those who have considered violence towards their computer!  Our team is here to help you get on speaking terms again with your accounting software.  In fact, we have a long track record of helping business owners whose data files were considered worthless by their CPA. 

If your software files feel “broken” or you're receiving error messages, let the bookkeepers at Accountware Solutions help.  Here is a list of other problems we see frequently and assist with:

  • Is your data matching your prior year’s tax return? 
  • Do you have items on your Chart of Accounts that you never use (or aren’t sure what they are for)? 
  • Are there gaps in your data entry? 

No matter what the issue is, we can help determine what needs to be “fixed” in your data file, and work with you to get the data corrected and working properly.

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